José’ s Eating Habits, Lifestyle and Communities

As far as my eating habits are concerned, I think I have a reasonably balanced diet. Sometimes I love fresh-food but I like junk-food too. For breakfast I eat toast and drink coffee with milk. At lunch I eat meat or fish according to the day menu at the school canteen. At dinnertime I eat meat with salad and I drink mineral water .

To keep in shape I ride my bike, I walk and I help my dad build and repair things. I’m not a member of a sports group but I think it can very interesting but also tiring. You make new friends but that is also a responsibility because you have to earn their trust. Once they count on you and rely on you, you cannot ruin everything or you’ll lose their trust. We can improve our skills and maybe develop new ones: team spirit, learning to fall and stand up and learning how to lead a team. Here’s an article about the Benefits of Team Sports.

My lifestyle is balanced. I have moments for active things, sports and moments when I feel like being a couch potato. I like to watch TV, I love playing games and love to go on the internet on social networks. I’m aware of the consequences and still I’m a normal teenager. I have Facebook and Instagram accounts because I like to socialise with my friends and to share photos with my family. I’m part of some online gaming networks, it’s a lot of fun.The only fan community I joined was an anime page where we shared things about it.The things that I learn on social networks are the ones that interest me. They have some benefits like preventing homesickness. We can talk to people who are far away and show them summer pictures or any other pictures we would like to share.

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