Paulo’s Favourite Place in Portugal

My favourite city in Portugal is Viseu because it´s a very interesting place with fantastic stories and ancients traditions. It´s in the north of Portugal.

During Roman times this old city became famous as Viriathus, the warrior, led the Lusitanian tribes against the Romans.

Viseu has good restaurants with home-made food, beautiful landscapes and historic buildings. There are few people and traffic and for that reason the fresh air is incredible. In Viseu there are medicinal hot springs and a small artificial beach. It has mountains with beautiful landscapes.

In the city we can visit the Grão Vasco museum at the Cathedral of Viseu. This museum has a large collection of works from the 16th century painter Vasco Fernandes. We can have fun at the shopping center Palacio do Gelowith which has an ice rink.  That’s why I love Viseu.

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