Summer Camps BY Paulo

The topic I will talk about is summer camps. There are a big variety of summer camps, and each one has got its own rules and activities related to their designation for example, the math camp, the robotic camp, the science camp, adventure camp and so many more.

In summer camps we have many occupations according to the main issue but in general we may experience things like: go-karting, quad biking, archery, caving, orienturing, climbing, problem solving, surfing, fencing,survival games, treasure hunt, and so on.

Going to summer camps has advantages like becoming more independent, getting outside and enjoying the fresh air,  improving self-confidence, learning and developing skills, living unforgettable experiences, and making long-lasting friendships but not everything is good. There are always the negative aspects. During the time we spend in the summer camps we are away from our parents, family and friends and some camps may be very expensive.

In my opinion the summer camps are a very healthy way for teenagers to have the possibility of being with other mates, and having fun without playing computer or watching TV. Of all the types of summer camps my favourite is the technology one. That way we can learn new things by experiencing them. I really would like to try archery, fencing, quad biking, survival games and karting. I´m sure they are amazing sports.

José’ s Eating Habits, Lifestyle and Communities

As far as my eating habits are concerned, I think I have a reasonably balanced diet. Sometimes I love fresh-food but I like junk-food too. For breakfast I eat toast and drink coffee with milk. At lunch I eat meat or fish according to the day menu at the school canteen. At dinnertime I eat meat with salad and I drink mineral water .

To keep in shape I ride my bike, I walk and I help my dad build and repair things. I’m not a member of a sports group but I think it can very interesting but also tiring. You make new friends but that is also a responsibility because you have to earn their trust. Once they count on you and rely on you, you cannot ruin everything or you’ll lose their trust. We can improve our skills and maybe develop new ones: team spirit, learning to fall and stand up and learning how to lead a team. Here’s an article about the Benefits of Team Sports.

My lifestyle is balanced. I have moments for active things, sports and moments when I feel like being a couch potato. I like to watch TV, I love playing games and love to go on the internet on social networks. I’m aware of the consequences and still I’m a normal teenager. I have Facebook and Instagram accounts because I like to socialise with my friends and to share photos with my family. I’m part of some online gaming networks, it’s a lot of fun.The only fan community I joined was an anime page where we shared things about it.The things that I learn on social networks are the ones that interest me. They have some benefits like preventing homesickness. We can talk to people who are far away and show them summer pictures or any other pictures we would like to share.

José´s Summer Holidays



Last summer I visited my mother in alentejo for three weeks and then I visited my grandmother in Sines, Vila nova de Santo André. It was great fun, I spent time with my best friend, my grandmother and my uncle .I cycled, played computer games, went shopping with my grandmother, to the cafe with my uncle.I was very happy.

I went to the Algarve to see my other uncle and my cousins, We had bike races, we played computer games and then it was my birthday. My birthday  was spectacular, I went to the water park Aquashow and I took many photos with animals. My favourite is the eagle, she feels the fear. My mother and my grandmother went to my birthday in Aquashow . It was my favourite summer holiday ever !!!

Paulo’s Favourite Place in Portugal

My favourite city in Portugal is Viseu because it´s a very interesting place with fantastic stories and ancients traditions. It´s in the north of Portugal.

During Roman times this old city became famous as Viriathus, the warrior, led the Lusitanian tribes against the Romans.

Viseu has good restaurants with home-made food, beautiful landscapes and historic buildings. There are few people and traffic and for that reason the fresh air is incredible. In Viseu there are medicinal hot springs and a small artificial beach. It has mountains with beautiful landscapes.

In the city we can visit the Grão Vasco museum at the Cathedral of Viseu. This museum has a large collection of works from the 16th century painter Vasco Fernandes. We can have fun at the shopping center Palacio do Gelowith which has an ice rink.  That’s why I love Viseu.

Paulo´s summer holidays

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Last summer I stayed almost of the time at home with my family. I sometimes played football with friends . When I had free time I played  PSP and computer games and watched TV. I rode my bike several times.

During August I went to Viseu with my family and my dog to visit my aunt and to appreciate the beautiful landscapes but unfortunately they were all burned because someone started some fires in the middle of the mountain. My family and I went for a walk through viseu to see the Feira franca. And this was my last summer.

Paulo’s Favourite Things


My name is Paulo and today I`m going to write about my favourite things and explain why.

I like several things but two of my favorite are my dog Pituxa and my little cat Viki. I really like spending time with them because I adore my dog and my cat.They are very soft and cute. I adopted my female dog in 2008 and she is very small and cute. Pituxa is always running and playing with me.

I adopted my cat 3 years ago. She was a baby cat. Viki is white and has some black spots. Now she is at my home running everywhere.Sometimes she bits my leg and runs away. These are the reasons why my dog and my cat are my favourite things.


Paulo’s Dream School


My dream school is a very big one with lots of space and it will have fifty classrooms, a library, a canteen, a technology room, a big swimming pool and an enormous sports field.

In my dream school the subjects are Physical Education, TI, TIC, English, French, Maths, History, Art, Science and Chemistry. In that school the current activities are the ping-pong club, the swimming club, the football club, the basketball club, the tennis club, the badmington club and the hockey club.

My schoolmates are all very friendly and no one is different from the other. The teachers are all very  friendly and they are not very tough, instead they are always supportive and ready to help any student. All students have a laptop and a tablet and the school internet is very fast.